I Didn’t Ask

I didn't ask you for forever, I asked you for the right now. I didn't ask you to change, I asked you to grow. I didn't ask you to be cold, I asked you who made you that way. I asked the questions that some are afraid to ask. The questions that don't have pretty answers.... Continue Reading →


It’s Been a Hot Minute

I haven't posted on here in a quite some time. After my birthday (April 10th) I was pretty much out of it. I ended up giving myself a concussion the night of my party. If you've ever had a concussion you know you just aren't yourself for a few weeks after.  I was extremely exhausted,... Continue Reading →

I will not

I will never let anyone tell me who I am. I will never let anyone define my identity. I may be undesirable to some but to myself, I am perfectly flawed. I have been gifted with senses, feelings and emotions. I will not be dragged down by the negativism of others.  I will flourish in... Continue Reading →

Busy, Busy, I hate you

I haven't been on here in a few days not by choice but because life has taken me away with it. I have been working non stop since Thursday, dealing with a sick child, and being extremely hormonal. Thanks mother earth! I have been emotionally off the past three or so days. The usual depression... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Family

Last July I moved into my current home, its a little cluster of town homes. I love where I live its right around the same neighborhood I grew up in. I have pretty awesome neighbors for the most part and have no serious issues with any of them. No issues, but serious curiosities. On the... Continue Reading →

Ugly Girl Cry

I just want to throw it out there that I love when people start talking to me and then randomly decide to fuck off. It is just peachy. Back to what I was actually coming on here to write about. Last night my friend Anna and I decided at 12:45 a.m. that we would watch the... Continue Reading →

Too Independent 

I have come to realize that most men say they want one thing, but it comes down to it, they really want something entirely different. Let me explain..I am the type of woman who has built herself up on her own. So naturally I am independent, self sufficient, and can do it on my own.... Continue Reading →

To my best friends…

I may not have a million friends but I do have three of the bestest friends anyone could have. You are all three uniquely important in my life and can't imagine life without you. Even though you guys don't all get along I just don't give a fuck.  So here are my letters to my... Continue Reading →

That Old Soul 

I am starting to believe that people (both men an women) are forgetting that we are all humans here. I have always been the type of person that is extremely in tune with my emotions, feeling, etc; I am also aware of what the people around me are feeling. Call it a sixth sense if... Continue Reading →

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