I Didn’t Ask

I didn’t ask you for forever, I asked you for the right now. I didn’t ask you to change, I asked you to grow. I didn’t ask you to be cold, I asked you who made you that way. I asked the questions that some are afraid to ask. The questions that don’t have pretty answers. The questions that cause pain and make people uncomfortable.

I asked to get to know you with no intentions or expectations. I am intrigued by the scars that have created your inner demons and chained your heart down. Why the walls are built so high that when someone gets close enough to conquer them you run. Not just run but vanish.

Hasn’t anyone ever told you that no matter how far you run, your problems will always follow. That your heavy heart will remain weighed down through your games of hide and seek. Do weekends of different women and weekday nights alone get old? I understand the instant gratification of the game but what about when you are old and wrinkled? Do you ever stop to think about those days? I do. Or does the liquor keep those thoughts from emerging. Does your adrenaline seeking behavior block those thoughts away? Your smile won’t always captivate the hearts of innocents forever you know.

I feel pity for people like you. For the people that can’t see good things when they are right in front of them. For people who can’t face their pain and grow. To heal their soul and be truly free. To not only fall in love with others, but to love themselves as well. I will not wait for you to grow the fuck up. I will not wait for you to want to be a better man. I refuse to be placed on the back burner while you get the fuckboy out of your system. What a fucking shame.


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