It’s Been a Hot Minute

I haven’t posted on here in a quite some time. After my birthday (April 10th) I was pretty much out of it. I ended up giving myself a concussion the night of my party. If you’ve ever had a concussion you know you just aren’t yourself for a few weeks after. 

I was extremely exhausted, disoriented, raging headache..all the fun stuff. My moods were completely down to the point where not even my work brought me joy. In other words I have been miserable. 

Today is the first day in awhile that I woke up happy. Woke up and was okay with being awake. It’s a refreshing feeling. There’s nothing worse then waking up and wishing you could just hide in bed all day. Not to have to function as an adult or interact with other people. 

I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always kept a journal and write whenever. I am by no means an everyday journaler but I’ve always had one. It’s my “coping” skill. I used to think that term was silly. Now I know that term is everything. Its my way of escaping my brain. Escaping the loneliness, depression, anxiety; Its the best distraction. 

As of this past year I started what is known as a Bullet Journal (or BuJu for short). It’s ended upbeing  more of my Art Journal but that’s okay. I didn’t realize how crazy I would be about drawing until I got this journal. I am in love! There is no rhyme or reason to the pages. Everything is just all over the place and I can’t get enough!! 

If you don’t know anything about BuJus go on Pinterest and you will soon find out!! 

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