I will not

I will never let anyone tell me who I am. I will never let anyone define my identity. I may be undesirable to some but to myself, I am perfectly flawed. I have been gifted with senses, feelings and emotions. I will not be dragged down by the negativism of others. 

I will flourish in the things I create and embrace the things I have yet to learn. I will fall down, I will scar, I will loose my shit. But I will not cowardly hide in embarrassment. Even beautiful things have scratches and dents, that’s what gives characater and history. I will not walk the path that is heavily visited, nor will I take the path less travelled. Instead I will carve my own path. Only I can find the key to my soul.

I am not built to fix you. I am not here to grant your every demand, to fufill your desires and fantasies. I will not feel resentful towards my honesty, my dreams, my goals.. 

I will relish in all things that make who I am and who I yet to become. I may be a storm of chaos but there is one thing that is clear, I will not let anyone make me think I am not enough. Some of us can’t be tamed we are free as the wind and sacred as the moon. 
“Be fearless in the prusuit that sets your soul on fire” 


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