Ugly Girl Cry

I just want to throw it out there that I love when people start talking to me and then randomly decide to fuck off. It is just peachy.

Back to what I was actually coming on here to write about. Last night my friend Anna and I decided at 12:45 a.m. that we would watch the movie starring Blake Lively, The Age of Adeline.  I just want to say that it is a damn shame that she was nominated for Best Actress of the Year (2016, Oscars) AND LOST. I do not understand who the hell is voting for these things but they need to be fired.

This movie was probably the best love story movie I have seen since The Notebook, and I have a serious hate for that movie (because of events that have happened while that movie was playing..not the actual movie.) I am not one to cry at movies. I have become rather immune to feelings of being let down when it comes to heartbreak. Typically crying doesn’t happen. But this movie, this fucking movie made me lose my shit. I mean there are so many beautifully placed plot twists and gut wrenching moments I don’t see how you could not like this movie. The only negative thing I have to say about this movie is the weird narrator voice kind of gave me the creeps but I let it slide.

SIDEBAR: It has been an extremely emotional shit show over at my house. Lots of fuckery has been going on and some pretty messed up events have been occurring. Naturally all at once of course!

So rock the hell on Blake, you kicked ass in this movie. So as we are watching all the events unfold Anna has repeatedly expressed how she doesn’t think she can cry anymore. I, of course, believe this to be bullshit but just keep on watching. Well as the movie comes to an end guess who looses their shit? Yup you guessed it. Miss Anna Banana! She is crying, I am crying and then I start laughing hysterically which of course in turns makes Anna laugh. I don’t know if it was the hope of love the movie gave off, the sad plot line or maybe the lack of sleep making us delusional but let me tell you we were A MESS. Such a mess that I even decided to make up a new word. We are full on ugly girl crying status at this point.

You know shit is getting serious when Liz starts making up words. Craughing. Cry laughing. It’s beautiful and I will forever use this new magical word. That is if I ever find myself reacting in the same fashion to any other movie. We finish the movie sometime around 3 maybe 3:30 a.m. I have to be up at 7 a.m. to get my daughter to school.

So here I sit at almost 10:30 at night, running on three to four hours of sleep writing this blog. Don’t worry I got my daughter to school just fine and on time because I am somehow able to function on little to no sleep. Badass mom status right here. Today has only had a few speed bumps. Anna gave me the gift of letting me come with her to visit her mom’s gravesite, thank you for sharing that with me. ♥ We got to have our own mini therapy session in the car while waiting for Anna’s actual therapy appointment. Have I mentioned that we are hot messes lately? Yeah.

All in all today wasn’t a complete failure. We did manage to pack up everything but the pantry and fridge from Anna’s apartment. Got to scope out the deals going on at Michael’s and purchase some unneeded crafting items. I should probably head to sleep so I am not a complete zombie in the morning. Thank you to whoever for expresso shots and more importantly Starbucks for putting up with my crazyass on a regular basis.


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  1. Oh my god. “This is so beautiful!” applies to this blog post as well as that movie. Here I was thinking “I’ve cried all day yesterday, I’m not going to cry at this movie.” *dog part happens* “it’s okay. I already called it and voiced it out loud. Okay she’s crying. Crap. There goes a tear. Okay I’m fine” *ending happens and credits roll” *suddenly in a fit of crying* “omg it’s so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    In case you needed the mind play by play. For some reason, unneeded to read this right now. Damn you and your weird spiritual voodoo. Got me all tied. *sings caught up by usher?*


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