To my best friends…

I may not have a million friends but I do have three of the bestest friends anyone could have. You are all three uniquely important in my life and can’t imagine life without you. Even though you guys don’t all get along I just don’t give a fuck.  So here are my letters to my besties…

Samantha (aka Samuel, Sammage, Sammaguel) 

Thank you for always being here for me. Even though you live across the country I know I can always count on you. I know that no matter how many miles or time has passed that we will always pick up our friendship just where we left it. 

You have gone above and beyond the duties of a best friend. You were there for the birth of my daughter when the sperm donor had disappeared. You were there to cut the umbilical cord, to wipe away my tears, hold my hand and tell me to turn that Casey Anthony trial shit off. You are my voice of reason when I need it the most. You help build me up when all I can do is tear myself apart. You are always there to point out a different view point on situations where I am not thinking clearly. I know when I need a kick in the ass you’ll be the one to give it to me. I can’t even begin to count how many times you’ve helped me put my life back together even when I make the same mistakes over and over again. You don’t judge me for who I am. You allow me to be my weird emotional crazy self freely.

We have been through so many different situations (most of them pretty fucked up) and always have had each other backs. I know I can call you in full on cry mode and end up laughing. I wish I could see you everyday and I hate that I only get to see you once or twice (if that) a year. I cherish every second I get to see you. Thank you for being the amazingly talented woman you’ve grown into. I am so proud to have you as my best friend and partner in crime.

Never quit giving out those positive vibes and keeping it 100% real. Through drunken (crunken) nights, failed relationships, multiple hair colors and dark times I have always had you by my side. Whether it be in spirit or in person, I always know your presence. I love you to the moon and back! Stay fierce my Gemini bestie ❤️

Mariah (aka-MCAT, butt, lil sis, soul sister…)

Mariah oooooh Mariah. If there were ever a person that I am completely in tune with spiritually it’s you. For some weird reason you and I have this spiritual soul connection that I don’t have with anyone else. You are my annoying little sister that I want to punch sometimes. You make me laugh so hard that I am crying. You’re a little spazoid that likes to smoke more cigarettes than can be produced.

Thank you for letting me stand by you at your wedding as your maid of honor. Even though we didn’t speak for about two weeks sister do, we fight. That doesn’t exclude your wedding! In all fairness we both knew I was going to be a shit show, and you should have prepared better for my meltdown. C’mon now it’s me we are talking about. But I know that even when we fight, we will work it out because deep down we can admit our wrongs and move on. You are an amazing mommy, friend and important part of the tripod.

I am so proud of you for completely turning your life around and overcoming all the obstacles life has thrown at you. You’ve been thrown some pretty deep shots and handled them with that badass mentality you’ve always had. Thank you for being here for me on endless rants about nothing inpeticular and being a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for letting me be auntie to your handsome boys and accepting that I am batshit crazy some days. 

Remember that you are never without my friendship even when we don’t see each other as often as we’d like. With our busy lives of mommying, working and now you wifeying things can be a little chaotic but our friendship and souls will forever be inseverable. Maybe it’s that Aries moon sign or perhaps the numerous times I’ve seen you unclothed but we will always be soul sisters. Love you!!!! 

Anna (aka AnnaBanana, AnnieBannanie…)

For over the past year you have been by my side! Not only as a best friend but as a nanny baby dad to my daughter. I have no idea what I would have done without all of your help! I am so glad that we became friends and even though we get pissed off at each other I know we will always be friends. 

You are one of the very few people that actually understand all of my crazy down to a T. Instead of telling me to “just be happy” you help me to try and be that way. You understand that some days I can’t get out of my own head and that some of the things I say and do, aren’t who I really am. You get that some days I just fucking can’t anymore and that my resting bitch face is really just my face. 

I will always cherish this last summer we had so many captivating escapades it seems unreal. From car boy, lazy lake days with Starbucks, to “DINOSAURS”  we haven’t stopped laughing yet. I mean who else can you stay up with until 3 in the morning craughing (hybrid word of crying/laughing) to sappy romance movies or getting scared shitless to horrible horror/suspense films that leave you wondering “what the hell just happened?” 

“I bet that door locks…”

“Oh fuck my life”-Thomas. 

I love taking our impulsive road trips to IKEA and Sephora for no real reason and walking around Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joann’s for funsies. Being friends just comes naturally with you! Thanks for being here for Sophia and I and thank you for being equally as insane as I am. 

I know that distance separates all of us and that really blows but no matter what you guys will always be my besties. I can’t imagine my life without any of you in it! ❤️

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