Med Check..

For those of you who don’t have to take medication for their balanced brains, I am going to fill you in as to how the lovely world of phychiatric care works. 

Typically most people start off seeing their primary care giver. Your primary doctor will help you to the best of their abilities. However, for some of us who’s family runs rampant with mental illness, we get shipped off with a referral to the psych clinic. 
I have been through my fair share of both physiologists and psychiatrists throughout the years. I’ve been on this journey since about the 8th grade. It’s up to interpretation as to whether or not I was just being a prepubescent middle schooler (not know what to do with my emotions) or if I really had an underlying mental health issue. For me it could have swung either way. 

As an adult I am now fully aware that I, in fact have a serious imbalance of serotonin, on top of inattentive ADHD, formally known as ADD. There is a huge difference between the different types of ADHD if you’d like to learn more you can click here

Once you’ve been seen by a psychiatrist you will start your journey on finding which medication works best for you. This is NOT an easy route. In fact it’s pretty shitty. Most medications take a minimum of three weeks to see the full results. Sometimes those results are amazing a lot of times they are not. It’s a balancing act that may take years. Once you’ve found something that works for you, your doctor will have you come in every three months instead of every three weeks. If things are still going well then every six months. However if they aren’t going well you have to start back at square one. I believe this is why most people give up. It takes time, effort and struggle. It’s not an easy road. 

I am at the point in my recovery where I can finally be seen every six months with little to no change in my medications. For the first time in years I can truly say I am content with who I am. This has not been an easy road and I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without the help of my doctor and therapist. Both have helped me in tremendous ways. 

The view from my doctors waiting room. He love penguins

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