Point of Sale (POS)

It’s Sunday here at the salon and first of all shout out to Marcus from our companies help line you’re the best!

I typically work every other Sunday eleven to six. Today I came in an hour early because our POS system was yet again deciding it was done working and we got sent a new computer.

They sent us this new computer on a Saturday. A fucking Saturday. Really? Let’s send a busy salon a new POS computer that takes an hour and a half to set on a Saturday. Obviously that didn’t happen. I got nominated to set up the computer even though I’m not a manager I am the most tech savvy person in our salon.

Two (maybe three) years ago our company finally decided to join the twenty first century and switch from a dial up system to an internet based POS. It has been a shit show since the beginning. I came in on my day off to help my then manager set up the computer. She was convinced we were going to have to shut down the salon to figure out this new system. (We get a bit overly excited about new and changing things.)

Throughout the past few years we have had to get three new POS systems and I don’t even know how many new work station computer. Our company does their best to refurbish old computers but it seems to me like that’s not really panning out well.

Back to today…I got to spend over 90 minutes on the phone with Marcus trying to set this baby up. I only managed to accidentally hang up on him theee times during the entire event.  He was convinced I was doing this on purpose. Now things went a smoothly as they can go while setting things up with the exception of a few “Oops! Something went wrong” screens popping up.

I want to express that these Point of Sale systems are more PIECES OF SHIT. They have so accurately abbreviated these systems I find it humerus. I would rather deal with our old dial up system at this point.

Let’s say you have a client that has never been to the salon before. They aren’t in the computer system so we have to add them in. Seems harmless and straight forward right? No. To add a customer you have click the time box under the stylist performing the service a screen will then pop up asking if you are sure you want to add a service? And I sure?! Yes that’s why I clicked the damn box. So after that you then have to either type in the guests name if they have been here before you’ll click their name. However if they have not you get to have have the lovely experience of adding them to the service.

This entails about five more clicks and screens including their name, gender and phone number or email. Then you have to select which service is being performed in a huge list of options. It is thee most complicated system that I have had the pleasure of working with. Have no fear there is quite a few more steps once you get to checking your guest out. Apparently getting a point of sale operating system that actually works is something our company is not capable of.




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